Tannoy Stirling III LZ Special Edition

2 Way Floorstanding 10" Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker (Oiled Walnut)


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Tannoy Stirling III LZ Special Edition £11,995.00

Stirling III LZ Special Edition

When the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” reached the UK Top 10 in 1967, Tannoy released the III LZ (Monitor Red). This model featured a 10” Dual Concentric transducer designed for small enclosures, offering the warmth and clarity of its larger 12” and 15” counterparts.

The III LZ is more than a tribute to the 1967 original. It provides a wide-frequency response and deep bass extension for natural imaging at high SPLs.

Tannoy’s years of acoustic excellence are evident in the III LZ; you’ll hear every boom, breath, and beat with enhanced clarity and depth.

Faithful to the original

Tannoy meticulously preserves every design element crucial to the STIRLING III LZ’s breathtaking dynamic range, clarity of sound, and classic look. The evolution of driver and electronic component technology greatly enhances this new version of the classic. In the spirit of Tannoy’s excellence, each STIRLING III LZ loudspeaker cabinet is completely handcrafted by Tannoy’s highly skilled team of artisans.

The STIRLING III LZ is a match made in heaven for listening to Orchestral Music, Rock, Pop, Blues, or Soul. Moreover, these speakers are perfectly capable of generating goosebumps when you listen to Jazz, R’n’B, Heavy Metal, or anything in between.

Dual Concentric Precision

Tannoy invented the dual concentric speaker design in 1947, a design that has been continuously refined and improved over the decades.

With the STIRLING III LZ SPECIAL EDITION, Tannoy offers the very latest incarnation of this pristine design that has won critical acclaim repeatedly for nearly 70 years!

The Dual Concentric driver in the STIRLING III LZ provides class-leading coherence and point-source imaging, achieving that highly sought-after truly natural sound. Thanks to its Pepperpot Waveguide and Alnico motor system, the STIRLING III LZ delivers breathtaking dynamics, powerful transient response, and unparalleled realism across a wide frequency range with an almost total lack of colouration. The integration of an aluminium-magnesium diaphragm and Mylar surround compression driver in the STIRLING III LZ ensures studio-quality tones and perfectly balanced sound pressures in all directions.



10 Years