Spendor Classic 100Ti

3-way stand-mount speaker


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Spendor Classic 100Ti £12,250.00

Sporting a multi-layered titanium front baffle, the Spendor Classic 100Ti stands the test of time and trends. As you enter your listening space, both your gaze and auditory senses will gravitate towards these impressive, impeccably balanced speakers.

The Spendor Classic 100Ti produces an enthralling full-range sound experience marked by unparalleled clarity and dynamic range. Efficient and effortlessly driven, it performs exceptionally whether paired with tube or solid-state amplifiers, and analog or digital inputs, consistently offering a sound that is both pleasurable and consistent.

The Spendor Classic 100Ti at a glance

  • The Classic 100Ti’s walnut enclosure, consistent with all Spendor Classic series, incorporates Spendor Dynamic Damping technology. These panels are coupled with a robust front baffle adorned with brushed titanium.
  • At the heart of the Classic 100Ti lie two bespoke Spendor drivers. The 31cm bass driver boasts a robust yet light Kevlar-composite diaphragm, while the specialized 18cm midrange driver is equipped with an EP77 polymer cone to minimize coloration. Both drivers integrate efficient motor systems and are mounted on a magnesium alloy framework.
  • Optimal performance is achieved when mounted on the specifically designed Spendor Classic 100 Stand.
  • Proudly designed and crafted in the UK.



5 Years


3-way stand-mount

Enclosure type

Twin port reflex loaded


89dB for 1 watt at 1 metre

Nominal impedance

8 ohms (min 4.7)

Crossover frequencies

490Hz, 3.6kHz

Net Weight

36 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D)

700 x 370 x 433 mm

Accessories (included)

Magnetic grille