Spendor Classic 1/2

3-way stand-mount loudspeaker


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Spendor Classic 1/2 £6,750.00

The Spendor Classic 1/2 features a carefully refined crossover network, improved cabinet structure, and elastomer panel damping. These enhancements enable the Classic 1/2 to deliver music with exceptional coherence and transparency. Continuously evolving to meet the high standards of serious audio enthusiasts, the Spendor Classic 1/2 remains a top choice for those seeking the ultimate in pure listening pleasure.

The Spendor Classic 1/2 at a glance

  • The Spendor Classic 1/2 is engineered with two completely new drive units. Its 22cm bass driver is crafted with a sophisticated polyamide fiber-reinforced polymer cone, complemented by a Kevlar stabilizer dome. Meanwhile, the 15cm midrange driver employs EP77 polymer cone material, renowned for its exceptionally low coloration.
  • This latest version of the Classic 1/2 stands out for its entrancing sound quality, marked by unparalleled transparency, dynamic contrast, and the iconic vocal performance that is a hallmark of the Spendor brand.
  • It is offered in two elegant real wood veneer finishes: walnut and cherry, adding a touch of sophistication to its design.
  • To achieve the best audio performance, it is recommended to use the Classic 1/2 in conjunction with the specially designed Spendor Classic 1/2 Stand.
  • With design and manufacturing processes rooted in the UK, the Classic 1/2 embodies Spendor’s commitment to exceptional audio craftsmanship and innovation.


Warranty: No selection

5 Years

Design: No selection

3-way stand mount

Enclosure type: No selection

Sealed cabinet, Twin port reflex loaded

Sensitivity: No selection

84dB for 1 watt at 1 metre, 87dB for 1 watt at 1 metre

Nominal impedance: No selection

8 ohms (min 4.0)

Crossover frequencies: No selection

415Hz, 2.7kHz

Net Weight: No selection

22.6 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D): No selection

621 x 308 x 374 mm

Accessories (included): No selection

Magnetic grille