Tannoy Turnberry GR-OW

2-Way Floorstanding 10" Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker (Oiled Walnut)


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Tannoy Turnberry GR-OW £8,495.00

Turnberry GR-OW

The Turnberry GR-OW, a 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker, excels in medium to large sized rooms. Its Dual Concentric driver technology sets a new standard in coherence and point-source imaging, making the Turnberry GR-OW a standout choice for serious audiophiles.

The heart of the Turnberry GR-OW is its 10″ highly efficient driver. With 93 dB/Watt sensitivity and a formidable 400 Watt peak power handling, the Turnberry GR-OW is engineered to deliver dynamics and realism that can be both felt and heard. The addition of the Tulip Waveguide, featuring a 33mm aluminium-magnesium dome, further enhances these qualities, ensuring high frequency clarity and articulation that’s nothing short of brilliant.

Bass and midrange are no less imposing in the Turnberry GR-OW. Its low frequency paper pulp cone, coupled with a twin roll fabric surround, resonates with natural sounding performance. The Turnberry GR-OW’s craftsmanship extends to its aesthetics as well; the handcrafted oiled walnut veneered cabinet with walnut inlays offers a visually stunning and timeless design.

Internally, the Turnberry GR-OW is just as impressive. It uses capacitors, low loss laminated core inductors, and close tolerance wirewound resistors to create a sound that’s harmonious and true-to-life. Enhanced signal transmission and integrity are ensured through custom gold plated bi-wireable binding posts.

The Turnberry GR-OW also features a fifth binding post for grounding, effectively reducing radio frequency interference and enriching midrange clarity. Its high-density particle board cabinet is a testament to its design, offering extreme rigidity that impeccably controls low frequency performance.

For those who crave deep, resonant bass, the Turnberry GR-OW’s Distributed Port system delivers powerful and extended low frequency performance. The integration of DMT (Differential Materials Technology) in its bracing not only stabilises the structure but also optimises the acoustic output.

Completing the Turnberry GR-OW’s luxurious feel is its precision machined gold anodised aluminium adjustment panel and metal trim, which beautifully complements the real wood cabinet. To ensure that the Turnberry GR-OW continues to look as good as it sounds, Tannoy includes a specially formulated Prestige wood wax.

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