Tannoy Autograph Mini-OW

2-Way Stand-Mount 4" Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker (Oiled Walnut)


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Tannoy Autograph Mini-OW £2,199.00

Autograph Mini-OW

Audio is a powerful component of the cinematic experience; it envelopes you in the action, tugs at your emotions, and brings an unparalleled level of enjoyment to the presentation. Tannoy’s AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW 2 Way Stand Mount 4″ Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker delivers this level of performance to your home environment. The luxurious high-end oiled walnut finish of the AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW is as pleasing to your eye as the AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW is to your ear. The AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW raises your audio content to the levels envisioned by the original mastering engineer – an experience of unabridged beauty, detail, and nuance. A truly great loudspeaker design allows the AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW to present the sonic experience in a way that transports you to a higher plane. Experience innovation and outstanding audiophile performance with the AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW.

Studio Quality Audio in Your Home

AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW offers exceptional coherence and point-source imaging, achieving the highly coveted natural sound. Its 200-Watt 4″ LF dual driver paired with a 19 mm titanium HF dome driver produces breathtaking dynamics, powerful transient response, and unparalleled realism across a wide frequency spectrum with minimal coloration. Countless world-renowned hits have been recorded and mixed using TANNOY studio monitors. Enjoying these speakers in your living space transforms it into a top-tier entertainment centre.

TANNOY Dual Concentric

At the core of AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW’s exceptional performance lies a new version of TANNOY’s renowned Dual Concentric Driver Technology. This updated 4″ Dual Concentric driver enhances sound dispersion, ensuring a more consistent spread of audio throughout the listening area. The introduction of the Omnimagnet configuration positions the high frequency unit closer to the acoustic center of the low frequency unit, improving the time alignment between the two drivers. These features – time coherence, point source, and constant directivity dispersion – are what make the Dual Concentric design a recognized standard in studio monitoring. By surpassing the strict demands of recording and mastering environments, AUTOGRAPH MINI-OW guarantees that its playback performance, whether for stereo or multi-channel home cinema, faithfully reproduces the sound engineer’s artistry in your home.



10 Years