Tannoy Canterbury GR-OW

2-Way Floorstanding 15" Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker (Oiled Walnut)


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Tannoy Canterbury GR-OW £32,995.00

Canterbury GR-OW

Tannoy’s latest innovation, the 15 inch Gold Reference driver, stands as Tannoy’s most powerful and articulate Dual to date. It boasts an incredible 600 watt peak power handling and offers over 96dB efficiency in the 235 litre Canterbury GR cabinet.

Tannoy’s renowned 15-inch Dual receives extensive upgrades for the Gold Reference series, benefiting from advanced technology initially developed for the flagship Kingdom Royal project. The Gold Reference driver’s low frequency section features a new fibre-enriched paper pulp cone material, enhancing the cone’s mechanical characteristics. This cone is complemented by a twin roll surround made of impregnated fabric, optimising damping characteristics.

A significant advancement in the Canterbury GR is the high-frequency (HF) unit. This unit includes a new aluminium-magnesium alloy compression driver diaphragm, heat-treated to enhance mechanical integrity under high-frequency loads. The integration of new Mylar surround materials furthers improvements in damping and motor cooling. These enhancements collectively ensure unparalleled clarity and articulation throughout the HF range.

Designed for high-volume listening without inducing fatigue, the Gold Reference Dual imbues the Tannoy Canterbury loudspeaker with unmatched naturalness and presence.



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