Spendor A2

2-way floorstanding loudspeaker


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Spendor A2 £2,050.00

The Spendor A2 is a true ‘mini’ floorstanding design. The slim modern cabinet fits easily and unobtrusively into any living space. It delivers music with striking clarity and a sensitively judged element of fun and charm. Music remains tuneful and articulate even when the A2 is positioned close to a wall or in a small room. The A2 is easy to drive and it brings out the best from the amplifier.


• At 786mm tall and with a depth of 258mm, the A2 can be positioned in any small space including close to a wall, allowing for numerous setup choices.

• The highly compact A2 is a floorstander with an endearing character. This allrounder offers a perfect blend of natural tonal balance, detail, rhythm, and dynamics.

• Spendor’s proprietary 15cm EP77 polymer bass/mid cone produces a natural sound that is free from coloration and allows excellent detail to be heard at all listening levels.

• Designed and Manufactured in the UK


Warranty: No selection

5 Years

Design: No selection

2-way floorstanding

Enclosure type: No selection

Rigid asymmetric braced cabinet with dynamic damping

Sensitivity: No selection

85dB for 1 watt at 1 metre

Nominal impedance: No selection

8 ohms (min 6.6)

Crossover frequencies: No selection


Net Weight: No selection

11.4 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D): No selection

786 x 150 x 258 mm

Accessories (included): No selection

Height adjustable spike feet Magnetic grille

Plinth: No selection

Satin black