Tannoy Kensington GR-OW

2-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker


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Tannoy Kensington GR-OW £19,995.00

Kensington GR-OW

The Kensington GR-OW is a 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker designed specifically for large-sized rooms. This floorstanding high-end speaker stands out for its Dual Concentric driver technology, which ensures class-leading coherence and point-source imaging. The 10″ highly efficient driver of the Kensington GR-OW, notable for its 93 dB/Watt sensitivity and ability to handle up to 500 Watts peak power, is key to delivering dynamic and utmost realistic audio experiences.

Tannoy’s PepperPot WaveGuide, augmented by the Alnico magnet system, significantly enhances the symmetrical dispersion properties of the source. This feature of the Kensington GR-OW ensures a consistent and immersive sound field. The loudspeaker employs an aluminium-magnesium alloy diaphragm along with a Mylar surround compression driver, which are instrumental in delivering exceptional clarity and articulation, particularly in the high-frequency range.

The Kensington GR-OW isn’t just about sound; its handcrafted oiled walnut veneered cabinet with walnut inlays also makes it a visually stunning piece of furniture. This attention to aesthetics is matched by its internal components, such as capacitors, low loss laminated core inductors, and thick film resistors, which all contribute to a more natural and cohesive sound.

For those who prioritize signal integrity, the Kensington GR-OW features bi-wireable binding posts, enhancing signal transmission. Additionally, a fifth binding post is included for grounding, reducing radio frequency interference and thereby improving midrange clarity.

The construction of the Kensington GR-OW is robust, utilizing high-density birch ply and particle board to provide extreme rigidity, crucial for controlling low-frequency performance. Its Distributed Port system contributes to powerful and extended low-frequency output. The extensive use of bracing, incorporating Differential Materials Technology (DMT), effectively couples the drivers to the cabinets, ensuring an optimized audio performance.

Aesthetically, the Kensington GR-OW is complemented by a precision-machined gold anodised aluminium adjustment panel, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. Lastly, to maintain its pristine condition, Tannoy provides a specially formulated Prestige wood wax, ensuring the Kensington GR-OW remains a timeless addition to any audiophile listening space.

Tannoy – around 100 years of British sound heritage and innovation.

Technical Specifications


Frequency response 1 29 Hz – 27 kHz (-6 dB)
Recommended amplifier power 20 – 250 W RMS
Power handling (IEC) 125 W continuous, 500 W peak
Nominal dispersion 90 degrees conical
Sensitivity 2 93 dB (1 W @ 1 m)
Impedance 8 Ω
Maximum SPL 2 114 dB continuous, 120 dB peak


Low frequency dual concentric 250 mm (10″) with paper pulp cone with twin roll impregnated
fabric surround, 52 mm (2″) round wire voice coil
High frequency dual concentric 52 mm (2″) aluminium/magnesium alloy dome with round wire
voice coil


Frequency 1.1 kHz
Type Bi-wired, hard-wired passive, low loss. Time compensated.
2nd order low pass, 2nd order high pass
Adjustment ±3 dB over 1.1 kHz to 27 kHz shelving,
+2 dB to -6 dB per octave over 5 kHz to
27 kHz slope


Type Distributed port
Connectors 5 x 4 mm 24 ct Tannoy customized binding posts
Dimensions (HWD) 1100 x 406 x 338 mm (43.3 x 16.0 x 13.3″)
Net weight 41 kg (90.2 lbs)
Construction 19 mm (3/4″) MDF with plywood internal bracing, heavily damped
Finish Walnut veneer and high acoustic transparency nylon grill cover

Accessory pack (included)

Bi-wire bridge connectors
Prestige wood wax
Carpet protectors
Grille key
Metal feet
Welcome pack documentation



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