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Goldmund Gaia £650,000.00

Descendant of the legendary Apologue and Epilogue speakers, the Gaïa active speaker follows in the footsteps of its predecessors and offers even more powerful and innovative sound quality.

Designed in collaboration with French designer Cécile Barani, Gaïa marks the beginning of a new generation of iconic Gaïa speakers. Originating from Greek mythology, Gaia represents the Earth, the mother of life and divine creatures. Its abrupt, sculpture-like shape and curved sides confer a mineral, unchanging and timeless appearance. Refined, powerful and titanic are the characteristics of this new flagship speaker made by Goldmund.

With Telos 800 high-end amplifier, you’re not just buying a device; you’re investing in a ticket to a world where music transcends the boundaries of imagination. Imagine feeling the pulse of the bass thumping through your veins, the crisp highs sending shivers down your spine, and the mid-tones caressing your senses like a gentle breeze. This isn’t just sound but an experience that awakens your soul.

The Gaïa pair consists of five boxes mounted one on top of the other, reaching a height of 2.10m. Each speaker is equipped with eight drivers and eight channels of Telos amplification.

Using state-of-the-art technology, one part of the drivers is directed towards the front of the speaker and the other towards the back, resulting in a natural, powerful and very accurate sound system.

Built entirely in aluminium, Gaïa is both sonically and aesthetically clear. A majestic figure adorned with straight lines similar to the texture of a rock, Gaïa has been ingeniously manufactured without any visible fixtures, demonstrating once again the diligence and rigour of our Swiss Maison.

The purest sound reproduction —an all-in-one standalone speaker that turns invisible from the moment you press play. Made at the Goldmund standard of performance, fully integrated build, and minimalistic design, Gaïa brings every decibel to life in its purest form, amplifying music to a new realm of absolute audio immersion that makes music be felt, not listened to.

Technical Specifications

Drive Units:
1 x dome super tweeter
1 x dome tweeter
2 x 4” high medium
2 x 6” low medium
2 x 12” woofer

Frequency Response: 18.5Hz – 30kHz (at -6dB)

1 x digital S/PDIF input
1 x wireless audio input

Amplifiers (Built-In TELOS)
– SUPER TWEETER: 1 x 300 W
– TWEETER: 1 x 300 W
– HIGH MEDIUM: 2 x 300 W
– LOW MEDIUM: 2 x 300 W
– WOOFER: 2 x 350 W

Voltage (Nominal range): 115 V or 230 V (+/- 15 %)

DIMENSIONS: 65 W x 210 H x 85 D (cm) each
Weight: 380 kg each



2 Years