Focal Sopra Centre

2-way high-end loudspeaker


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Sopra Centre Transparent
Focal Sopra Centre £3,699.00

Sopra Centre

Focal Sopra Center allows you to extend the Sopra experience to your Home Cinema. Sopra Center uses all the design aspects of Sopra loudspeakers to optimise integration into your home. Like all products in the Sopra line, Sopra Center is available in the Black Lacquer finish.

Push Back the Limits

Innovation at Focal goes way beyond technology. Their obsession is with the result: the delight of sound in all its harmonic richness; its purity and its precision concerning the musical work. Moreover, they focus their efforts on the speaker driver, the core of Focal’s DNA, and what the history of their business is built around: technology, mechanics and sophisticated materials.

In twenty years, Utopia has become a major reference of world renown, praised for its incredible musicality and its technological innovation: “W” composite sandwich cones, pure Beryllium tweeter, multi-ferrite magnets, EM woofers, IAL2 tweeters, OCP circuit crossover or even the Gamma Structure cabinet.

New numerical analysis tools revealed the speaker driver’s most intricate inner workings. So Focal’s engineers worked on optimisations for magnetic circuits and suspension of their transducers, to push back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of purity, precision and harmonic richness… Sopra’s midrange provides incredible realism thanks to its new magnetic circuit and TMD suspension.

Innovative Design

Following on from Utopia and keeping in line with all Focal loudspeakers, the design of Sopra is the result of a very close collaboration between designers and engineers, a passionate quest aiming to conciliate complex constraints, experience, as well as sophisticated and innovative solutions, and all of this would have to be almost invisible, leading to something obvious, immediate simplicity for the pleasure and the purity of an unforgettable listening experience.

The Sopra line is destined for sound enthusiasts. When expectations are so high, the design must provide solutions which go far beyond aesthetics and shape. This represents a great deal of work in terms of industrial design, which must serve acoustic experts and favour performance, whilst bringing together the qualities expected of an object which will be integrated into very elegant interiors and décors.

Articulated Structure

Sopra’s structure is articulated around the intermediate section, which, besides giving a very strong identity to the line, is a structural element which contributes to several technical solutions. The compactness and the harmony of the proportions of this line are the result of very advanced research.

Substantial efforts were made to give the front a tidy appearance, particularly around the speaker drivers, to ironing out any aspects which could afflict the acoustics or the appearance. The flush cloth frames and the lacquered finishes allow for all sides of the loudspeaker to be the same. The main theme of Sopra is deliberately uncluttered, though it still offers connoisseurs the opportunity to enjoy all the small details.

The grille with an incremental meshing motif protects the Beryllium tweeter and gives it a strong identity. This motif is repeated for sealing the curved back panel of the middle section. The terminal board, the thumb nuts and the adjustable spikes have all been specially designed for Sopra, as have the few visible screws, all of which were manufactured by watchmaking experts.

Technical Specifications

Type: Centre speaker
Bass-reflex: 3-way
Woofer: 2 x 16.5cm “W” cone
Midrange: 8cm “W” cone
Tweeter: 27mm pure Beryllium
HF Type: “IAL” inverted dome
Freq response (+/-3dB): 55Hz – 40kHz
Low freq point: (6dB) 50Hz
Sensivity (2.83V / 1m): 91dB
Nom. impedance: 8 Ohms
Minimum impedance: 4.1 Ohms
Crossover frequency: 500Hz / 2200Hz
Recommended amp power: 40 – 200W
Dimensions (HLP): 235 x 609 x 350mm
Net weight: 121.25lbs (19kg)