Weiss DSP501

Audio Processor, Network Renderer including IR remote control


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Weiss DSP501 £6,500.00

The DSP501 is a digital signal processor which treats the audio using the same quality algorithms that made Weiss Engineering’s professional line of products indispensable tools in sound studios worldwide.


Use the DSP501 to improve room acoustics and fine-tune loudspeakers’ frequency response. Or take things further and enhance less-than-perfect recordings to your taste. Reduce sharp sibilants, add creative EQ, emulate vinyl sound on digital recordings, and experience the magic of crosstalk canceling.


The DSP501 is the compact-size version of the DSP502. The two units offer the exact same feature set and quality. The only difference is the enclosure size.


The DSP501/502 have all the audio processing features of the DAC501 and DAC502, but without the D/A conversion. They are ideal in setups with active speakers that already have built-in D/A conversion


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2 Years