Naim ND 555

Reference network player


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Experience Breath-Taking Depth of Sound

Naim’s reference network player, the ND 555, stands as the finest source component Naim has ever developed. Harnessing decades of digital and analogue engineering expertise, the ND 555 combines Naim’s cutting-edge new streaming platform with their classic analogue technology. It boasts a 40-bit SHARC processor, equipped with advanced signal processing. Additionally, the ND 555 incorporates a suspended brass sub-chassis designed to isolate sound-critical circuits from vibrations, coupled with the most superior external power supply Naim has ever crafted. Whether you’re delving into Bonham’s solid groove or immersing in Coltrane’s dizzying scales, the ND 555 ensures the music flows with remarkable ease and an engaging musicality that is uniquely its own. When paired with Statement or 500 series amplification, Naim asserts that the ND 555 delivers an experience akin to live music.

Pure musicality with our most advanced streaming platform

The ND 555 epitomises over forty years of Naim’s audio engineering expertise. This network player, from its state-of-the-art streaming module to its powerful, natural-sounding audio stages, is a testament to Naim’s design DNA, imbuing it with that distinctive, captivating Naim sound. In developing the ND 555, Naim ventured into new technological realms, notably by incorporating low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) into a premium Naim player for the first time. LVDS was selected for its ability to minimise timing errors due to its rapid speed and for its low noise attribute, which effectively reduces radiation.

Expert craftmanship

The ND 555, brimming with cutting-edge technology from input to output, showcases the latest Naim network card in its streaming section. This card employs low-noise, high-speed LVDS to efficiently route the digital audio signal. Its superior speed supports the decoding of most HD audio formats at up to 32 bits/384 kHz or DSD128. Breaking from traditional design, Naim’s new streaming board reverses the typical roles, allowing the DAC clock to control the audio data flow, rather than the source acting as the digital timing master. This data is then integer-over-sampled to a remarkable 40-bit accuracy in a SHARC DSP and channeled into the Burr-Brown® PCM1704, a renowned R2R ladder DAC celebrated for its exceptional sound quality.

In a first for Naim’s network players, the ND 555 introduces the company’s esteemed DR regulator technology, previously a feature of their amplifiers and power supplies. This technology supplies ultra-pure DC voltage to the ND 555’s sensitive audio circuitry. Furthermore, the analogue stages of the ND 555 employ high-grade through-hole components, strategically suspended on a sprung sub-chassis with heavy brass plates, a design choice aimed at minimizing the impact of microphony.

Absolute control

The ND 555 offers versatile control options to suit every user’s preference. For those who enjoy the convenience of digital control, the Naim App for iOS and Android is the perfect solution. This app puts the power to manage individual or multiple Naim products right at your fingertips. You can easily navigate through all your music, including radio presets, streaming services, and playlists. It also allows for multiroom playback synchronisation of several Naim players and offers an engaging way to explore artist discographies and biographies. Plus, the app doubles as a controller for Naim’s Uniti Core music server and enables single-tap wireless system updates.

For a more tactile and traditional approach, the ND 555 comes with a premium metal Zigbee® remote control. This remote’s advanced design means you don’t need a direct line of sight to the player, offering freedom to control your music from any direction. Additionally, the ND 555’s front panel is equipped with a 5” color display, presenting album artwork and track information in stunning clarity. This panel also includes keys for essential functions like standby and input selection, making it easy and enjoyable to interact with your player.