Tannoy Stirling GR-OW

2-Way Floorstanding 10" Dual Concentric HiFi Loudspeaker (Oiled Walnut)


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Tannoy Stirling GR-OW £6,495.00

Stirling GR-OW

The Tannoy Stirling GR-OW is a 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker, designed to fill medium to large sized rooms with superior sound. Tannoy’s Dual Concentric driver technology is at the heart of the Stirling GR-OW, offering class-leading coherence and point-source imaging. This technology ensures that each sound is delivered with exceptional clarity and precision.

The Stirling GR-OW features a 10-inch highly efficient driver. This driver boasts a sensitivity of 91 dB/Watt and a peak power handling of 340 Watts, enabling this speaker to deliver breath-taking dynamics and realism. This impressive performance is enhanced by the Tulip Waveguide, equipped with a 25mm aluminum-magnesium dome. This waveguide enhances the symmetrical dispersion properties of the point source, contributing to the loudspeaker’s exceptional high-frequency clarity and articulation.

Tannoy has meticulously designed the Stirling GR-OW’s low-frequency components. The loudspeaker uses a paper pulp cone with a twin roll fabric surround, which ensures natural-sounding midrange and bass transient performance. The handcrafted oiled walnut veneered cabinet, adorned with walnut inlays, is not just a housing for the speaker but a unique and timeless piece of furniture, blending seamlessly into any room.

The Stirling GR-OW’s internal components, such as capacitors, low loss laminated core inductors, and close tolerance wirewound resistors, are carefully selected to deliver a more natural and cohesive sound. The custom gold plated bi-wireable binding posts enhance signal transmission and integrity. Additionally, a fifth binding post is included for grounding, which helps reduce radio frequency interference and improves midrange clarity.

The construction of the Stirling GR-OW is robust, featuring a high-density particle board cabinet that provides extreme rigidity, essential for controlling low-frequency performance. The Distributed Port system in the Stirling GR-OW contributes to powerful and extended low-frequency performance. The speaker also incorporates extensive bracing, using Differential Materials Technology (DMT), which effectively couples the drivers to the cabinets.

Aesthetic details are not overlooked in the Stirling GR-OW. A precision-machined gold anodised aluminium adjustment panel and metal trim complement the real wood cabinet’s aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance. Tannoy also includes a specially formulated Prestige wood wax with the Stirling GR-OW, ensuring that the cabinet remains in pristine condition.

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