SME Model 20/12 - MKII

Precision Turntable


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SME Model 20/12 - MK II £25,530.00£33,080.00

The Model 20/12 with its 12-inch tonearm offers up to a 20% improvement in performance compared to the Model 20, largely due to the much-reduced angular error distortion from the longer tonearm.

This precision turntable is known for its uncompromising quality and engineering excellence. The Model 20/12 features high mass, extensional dampening, an ingenious suspension, and intelligent acoustic treatment, all contributing to audio excellence. Its new, highly sophisticated drive system marks a significant advancement in speed control, stability, and accuracy.

The instrument quality machining of the Model 20/12, combined with the principles of physics, ensures that the higher the mass and stiffness of the body, the less it will flex and vibrate. Advanced damping treatments further shorten the duration of vibrations. The Model 20/12 efficiently addresses the problems of extraneous vibrations emanating from various sources, including air and structural vibration from loudspeakers, groove modulation, stray electrical fields, and mechanical energy from moving parts.

Weighing approximately 36kg, the Model 20/12’s weight is significant in relation to its size, as density plays a crucial role. The thicknesses of the main and sub-chassis plates are 16mm, resisting flexing at low frequencies, while high-frequency resonance is attenuated through efficient extensional damping.

The Model 20/12, a definitive performance turntable, is available with or without a tonearm. The tonearm options include the SME 300 Series 312S or the flagship SME Series V-12, both of which are available in contrasting Silver Printed Detail or Gold Printed Detail. Standard equipment includes Crystal Cable internal wiring.


  • Exceptional Detail & Resolution
  • High-Density Construction
  • Large Footprint
  • Suspended Suspension System
  • Fluid Damping System
  • Close Tolerance Precision Bearing
  • SME 12 Inch Tonearm Options
  • Crystal Cable Internal Wiring
  • Highly Advanced Drive System
  • Independent Mains Transformer
  • LEMO Low Power Cables
  • RCA or XLR Chassis Connectors
  • Inspired by the Model 30


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5 Years