SME Model 15 - MK II

Precision Turntable


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The MK2 Model 15, inspired by the Model 20, features high-density construction with a compact footprint. This precision turntable, developed by SME, aims to emulate the engineering excellence of its larger counterpart, the Model 20. The Model 15 delivers a dynamic audio performance, enhanced by a new, highly advanced drive system that offers significantly improved speed control, accuracy, and stability.

Engineered with the simplicity of operation characteristic of all SME turntables, the Model 15 is precision-made from the finest materials and adheres to the strictest tolerances, contributing to its outstanding musical performance. Its clever styling makes the Model 15 a credible addition to any sound system, designed to astound and amaze listeners for years to come.

The high-performance Model 15 is available with three SME tonearm options: Series 309, Series IV, Series V, or as a turntable only without a tonearm. All tonearm options are complete with internal Crystal Cable wiring as standard.

Primary features of the MK2 Model 15 include:

  • Dynamic sound free from colorization
  • High-density construction
  • Compact footprint
  • Suspended suspension system
  • Fluid damping system
  • Close tolerance precision bearing
  • Magnesium tonearm options
  • Highly advanced drive system
  • Independent mains transformer
  • LEMO low power cables
  • RCA or XLR chassis connectors
  • Crystal Cable to RCA wiring
  • Inspired by the Model 20


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5 Years