SME Model 60 One of One

Bespoke ONE of ONE Signature Commission


Model 60 Diamond Front
SME Model 60 'One of One' £59,950.00

The Model 60 represents the pinnacle of SME’s technical advancement, having evolved from 75 years of engineering excellence, innovation, and perfection, to deliver precise and pure audio reproduction. This turntable is notable for its extremely high build quality, close tolerance precision-engineered componentry, striking design, and a range of uniquely engineered finishes that are not painted.

Introduced 60 years after SME’s entry into the elite high-end audio world, the Model 60 surpasses the highly credible Model 30, the reference precision turntable for over three decades. The new flagship Model 60 is an entirely new turntable design, featuring clever engineering and technological advancements.

Key design features of the Model 60 include de-coupled adjustable feet with multipoint isolation, an intelligent suspended suspension system with horizontal and vertical control, a hydraulically dampened main bearing, an acoustically treated main chassis, sub-chassis, and platter, and a sophisticated new generation drive system with highly accurate speed control, AC motor, and independent power transformer.

The Model 60 is equipped with the new Series VA tonearm, an advanced version of the famous Series V tonearm. This tonearm has been extensively sonically improved by using a non-metallic tonearm CNC machined from an advanced polymer resin material with high density and high rigidity properties. The Series VA tonearm tube is acoustically inert with a significantly reduced resonance signature, optimized effective mass, and a wide cartridge balance weight range.

Technical Specifications

Turntable Speed Error at 33.33rpm: 33.33rpm (-0.005%)

Time to Audible Stabilisation: 5 – 6 seconds

Peak Wow/Flutter (Peak weighted): 0.01% / 0.02%

Rumble (silent groove, DIN B weighted): -75dB (-75.4 dB with Clamp)

Rumble (through the bearing, DIN B weighted): -76.5dB

Hum & Noise (unweighted, relative to 5cm/sec): -62.5dB

Power Consumption: 18w (1w standby)

Tonearm Effective Mass: 10g – 11g

Cartridge Balance Range: 5g – 18g

Vertical Tracking Force: 0.0g – 3.0g (30mN)

Maximum Tracking Error: 0.0120/mm

Internal Wiring: Crystal Cable 0.1mm Mono X-Tal


Turntable Height: 212mm (top of the clamp), Width 557mm, Depth 417mm

Speed Control Unit: Height 87mm, Width 170mm Depth 295mm

Power Unit: Height 83mm Width 190mm Depth 243mm

Platter 330mm

Spindle to Arm 215.35mm

Weight: Turntable: 48kg

Speed Control Unit 2kg

Power Unit 4.2kg

Boxed Shipping Weight 86kg


Warranty: No selection

5 Years