Naim NAC 552

500 Series Preamplifier including 552 PS Power Supply


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Naim NAC 552 £26,999.00

NAC 552

Naim Audio preamplifiers epitomize the brand’s core principles. Since the revolutionary NAC 12 in 1974, Naim Audio preamplifiers have rewritten the rules and set standards for the industry. The NAC 552, only surpassed by the Naim Statement NAC S1, stands out with its distinctive two-box configuration, a clear marker of its uniqueness, just as its unfettered musicality mirrors Naim Audio’s foundational values. The NAC 552 is among the finest preamplifiers Naim has ever produced, and by extension, among the best in the world.

Key features of the NAP 500 DR

  • Two-box configuration for optimum rejection of electromagnetic interference
  • Split-rail power supply featuring 800VA toroidal transformer, three smoothing capacitors and new Discrete Regulator (DR)
  • Fully suspended sub-chassis for superior isolation of sensitive circuit boards
  • AV bypass mode for simple connection to an existing AV system
  • Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to facilitate connection into a wider range of systems
  • Independent listen and record banks for maximum flexibility 
  • Assignable inputs for enhanced usability with a range of sources

Technology & Craft

Every component in the flagship 500 Series range, including the NAC 552, is developed without compromise or constraint. The NAC 552’s two-box design separates power supply components into a different enclosure to better control electromagnetic interference, a design quintessentially Naim Audio. The 552 PS DR power supply features innovative thinking, including a new split-rail configuration that effectively minimizes power supply noise in the signal earth.

The sound-critical electronics of the NAC 552 are mounted on a brass sub-chassis, fully suspended on coil springs at a frequency below human hearing. This suspension method maximizes isolation, thereby minimizing the impact of vibration on the sensitive electronic components. The NAC 552 uses precisely selected rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers to preserve music integrity and ensure long-term stability.

The NAC 552 offers six inputs, selectable directly from either the front panel or the remote control. Beyond the standard DIN inputs, known for superior earthing and impedance matching, two inputs on the NAC 552 can be configured for RCA phono type connectors. This allows for the integration of alternative components with pre-owned interconnects.