Burmester 808 MK5



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Burmester 808 MK5 £43,800.00

Ever since it was unveiled in August 1980 (the reason for the number 808), the 808 has received international acclaim. It has reached its fifth generation and continues to serve as a benchmark in the editorial departments of noted trade magazines throughout the world. This exceptional preamplifier has now been manufactured without interruption for more than 30 years. Its basic modular structure was revolutionary when it first came out, and it is still a cutting-edge device more than a quarter of a century later. New kinds of state-of-the-art technology have been added to its forward-looking basic design.


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Including 4 modules: 1 x CD In + 1 x Out + 1 x Sym. Out + 1 x Surround Thruput

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5 Years