Garrard 301

Classic Turntable with Transcription Motor


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Garrard 301 £32,400.00

The Garrard 301 Transcription Motor is recognised as supreme in its class.

Features that enthusiasts will appreciate are suppression of switch clicks, the heavy turntable platter accurately balanced and very fine degrees of speed control available for all three speeds 33⅓, 45 and 78 rpm which can all be adjusted by approximately 2½%.

Wow and Flutter have been reduced to the minimum being less than 0.2% and less than 0.05% respectively. The unit is equipped for dual voltage ranges of 100 to 130 and 200 to 250 volts, 50 or 60 cycles to the motor pulley.

The 301 is finished in high quality Ivory enamel paint+, meticulously built and combined in a unique package of SME M2-12R precision tonearm and new generation solid walnut isolation plinth. An iconic, elegant turntable delivering audio perfection with modern handcrafted excellence.



1 Year