Aurender S5W Active Wireless Speakers

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Aurender S5W Active Wireless Speakers Black) £2,500.00 Original price was: £2,500.00.£1,199.00Current price is: £1,199.00.
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S5W Active Wireless Speakers

S5W Active Wireless Speakers

The S5W is Aurender’s first entry into the wireless loudspeaker market, bringing a compact active system that operates truly wirelessly. The sound quality is excellent, offering lossless high fidelity without any compression. But what also makes this speaker interesting is the power. The Aurender S5W wireless speakers boast 50+ hours of play time using Bosch 6Ah, 18V Lithium Ion Battery (not included, but easily available). No cables are required – not even a power cable! Also, there is no software to install or pairing requirement. You can plug in the supplied USB Dongle and play music from your phone, tablet or computer instantly! Aurender has come up with an impressively wire-free speaker system that’s capable of providing excellent light entertainment wherever you want it.

A neat trick we found is to connect it to a Roon Nucleus’ USB output, for ease of use and simplicity with our favoured streaming system.