SME Model 6 Classic

Integrated Precision Turntable


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The Model 6 Classic stands as a class-leading integrated turntable, known for its unique sonic performance, engineering excellence, and definitive craftsmanship from SME.

This turntable’s primary features encompass a CNC machined chassis crafted from a unique polymer high-density resin material. This design choice ensures high mass, a small footprint, and superb resonance absorption. The main bearing, spindle, and drive pulleys of the Model 6 Classic adhere to the same exacting standards as all high-end SME turntables. Additionally, a new generation electronic speed control unit is integrated, offering sophisticated and fine pitch speed adjustment across a wide band range. Enhancing its appearance, machined aluminium finishers are fitted to the isolation feet, accentuating the Model 6 Classic’s aesthetic.

The Model 6 Classic is further enhanced with the inclusion of the M2-9R tonearm, boasting an array of extensive features. These include a thumbwheel for vertical tracking adjustment, tungsten balance weights, and a double draw-pin detachable headshell with azimuth adjustment. The tungsten alloy balance weight in the M2-9R tonearm is specially designed to allow a maximum centre of gravity shift. This feature enables the balance of a broader range of cartridges, supporting weights up to 38 grams and, with a direct plug-in head, up to 46 grams.

SME’s commitment to design and engineering excellence is evident in the Model 6 Classic, a product built by and for audio enthusiasts.


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