Rega RS10

Rega Reference Speaker system


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Rega RS10 £8,400.00

The Rega RS10

The Rega RS10s have been designed to integrate perfectly into any system. Initially designed to complement the reference range, the RS10s provide the perfect partner for the Isis CD player, Osiris amplifier, and Planar 10 turntable.

Environment match

The Rega RS10 loudspeaker system offers the user the ability to adjust its performance to suit different locations via the ‘environment match’ adjustment feature. Rega has pioneered the integration of a BMR unit with the unique ‘dual driver bass system’ and a completely new and exclusive Rega-designed tweeter to create a very special and unique loudspeaker that offers unparalleled levels of control, balance, and dynamics.

Key Features

  • ‘Environment match’ adjustment feature
  • Rega ‘dual driver bass system’
  • Rega designed tweeter
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects