Naim NSS 333

Audiophiles’ favourite high-resolution streamer


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Naim NSS 333 £8,500.00

NSS 333

The performance of a hi-fi system hinges on the quality of its sound source. The NSS 333, compatible with the high-resolution file formats employed by leading streaming services, is a high-resolution streaming solution that lives up to expectations. Its integrated DAC enhances the performance of other digital sources in your system. The separates in the New Classic range are as user-friendly as a single-box system, facilitated by inter-product communications and the Focal & Naim app.

The NSS 333 allows you to access popular streaming platforms like Spotify Connect, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Qobuz, and also enjoy your favorite internet radio stations. With integrated AirPlay2, Chromecast, UPnP™, Roon Ready, and Bluetooth® AptX technologies, streaming content from your smartphone or tablet is straightforward and of high quality. For a comprehensive home audio experience, the NSS 333 offers multi-room compatibility with all other Naim streaming products.

Perfect control

The intuitive Focal & Naim app simplifies controlling your NSS 333. It provides access to all your music, including favourite radio stations, playlists, and streaming services, and enables you to explore artist biographies and discographies. Additionally, the app facilitates wireless updates for your system. It’s designed to control both servers and Naim streaming products, eliminating the necessity for two separate apps.

Naim know-how

Under the leadership of Naim’s Technical Director, Naim engineers developed innovative electronic circuits to give the New Classic products excellent audio performance. The best components, like custom polystyrene capacitors, have been auditioned for their audio performance. The NSS 333 features a high-resolution 40-bit floating point SHARC DSP for incredible digital precision.

A timeless design

Naim products embody a blend of contemporary and timeless aesthetics. Their designs avoid any unnecessary adornments that could detract from performance and sound quality. The design of the NSS 333 features a sleek look, premium materials, a 5.5” color screen, and adjustable logo brightness.

Legacy Compatibility

A comprehensive range of cables is available to ensure full compatibility with legacy Naim systems and third-party products.

Easy to use

Simplicity is central to Naim’s design. Front panel buttons provide quick access to standby mode, play/pause, inputs, and favourites. The bi-directional ZigBee remote enhances user experience, functioning even without direct visibility of the product. Inputs on the NSS 333 are configurable, allowing custom naming and the removal of unused inputs. Additionally, the NSS 333 detects the absence of music and, after 20 minutes, automatically enters a 0.5W standby mode.

The story of Naim and aluminium

Naim’s founder, Julian Vereker, recognized the numerous benefits of using aluminum for encasing Naim electronic components. He was aware that delicate audio components are highly sensitive to magnetic fields, thermal instability, unwanted vibrations, and similar disturbances.