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NPX 300

Experience an elevated level of musical performance using Naim’s NPX 300 power supply, specifically designed for the 200 Series sources and preamplifiers, such as the Naim NSC 222 streaming preamplifier. The NPX 300 switches off the internal power supply of these devices, instantly reducing noise. This results in a superior, cleaner power supply. Connect multiple Naim NPX 300 power supplies in the same configuration to enhance your musical experience remarkably.

Optimised power and performance

Naim’s NPX 300 powers your system smoothly and silently, enabling the preamplifier to focus solely on its primary function: signal control. Beyond enhancing the performance of the NSC 222 preamplifier and streamer, Naim’s NPX 300 also offers an upgrade option for a range of Naim products, providing them with considerable flexibility over time.

Controlled power

Naim’s NPX 300 features a new transformer, working in conjunction with six exclusive Naim power regulators utilizing DR technology (Discrete Regulator). This combination delivers a cleaner power supply to your system, resulting in significantly less “noise” and, consequently, improved sound quality. The NPX 300 is perfectly compatible with the 200 Series products and can also be used with the NDX2 or the NAC-N 272 – all you need are the specific cables.

Inspired by the best

Naim designs each product with the goal of forging a unique emotional connection with music and providing the best-in-class products. The NPX 300 incorporates several innovations found in Naim’s flagship 555PS DR power supply. This includes the separation of digital and analog power supplies through dedicated Burndy cables, enhancing overall performance and sound quality.

The story of Naim and aluminium

Julian Vereker, Naim’s founder, recognized the numerous advantages of using aluminium as a material for encasing Naim’s electronic components. He was aware of how sensitive delicate audio components are to magnetic fields, fluctuating temperatures, and unwanted vibrations. In contrast to other manufacturers who used thin sheets of steel, Naim opted for thick plates of aluminium to provide better protection and enhance the performance of their components.