Nagra Classic PSU

Nagra Power Supply Unit


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Nagra PSU £14,000.00

The power supply is a critical part of any audio design. Many say it sets the upper limit of the quality that the product will be able to provide.

As their legacy showed, Nagra has always been extremely knowledgeable about the power supply; designing a high-quality, portable power supply is a real challenge.

The Classic PSU is inspired by the PL-P battery power supply, where the battery is replaced by a bank of supercapacitors. Supercapacitors are becoming more and more popular as they offer the advantages of a battery without having to worry about charging or battery life.

The Classic PSU is a technically advanced product that can be seen as a compact HD PREAMP power supply. It features carbide silicon diodes, and high-speed diodes without recovery time. They allow a smooth rectification of the voltage fluctuations of the associated equipment. It also includes cascades of silent regulators to offer a perfectly stable DC (Cuttent) for the Classic Line to operate with.

The Classic PSU can be used with the CD range of products, VPS phono stage, (now discontinued) JAZZ Preamplifier, Melody and the latest Classic DAC, Classic PREAMP, HD DAC and TUBE DAC. It will revitalise any Nagra devices and allow them to express their full potential.



2 Years