Naim NAP 500 DR

500 Series Power amplifier including 500 PS Power Supply


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Naim NAP 500 DR £26,999.00

NAP 500 DR

The NAP 500 stands as the inaugural product in Naim’s reference 500 Series range, representing a monumental achievement in Naim Audio amplifier technology. Its design was meticulously refined over a span of six years through collaborative efforts with specialized parts suppliers. Each unit undergoes days of dedicated assembly by Naim’s most skilled technicians in Salisbury. It’s this meticulous attention to detail, coupled with its remarkable power, that enables the NAP 500 to bring your music into breathtaking focus.

New Statement Technology 

The flagship Statement amplification system was a decade in the making, representing a significant research and development project that leveraged all of Naim’s knowledge and expertise. This endeavor resulted in multiple technological breakthroughs. Recently, Naim introduced two of these innovations from the Statement project to their core range of power amplifiers.

The NAP 500 now incorporates the new NA009 transistors, originally introduced in Statement. This critical component, developed over a year in collaboration with a specialist semiconductor manufacturer, was engineered to achieve the highest possible sound quality. Additionally, the NAP 500 includes Naim Audio’s high-power DR (Discrete Regulator) technology, as used in Statement, ensuring a smooth and stable power supply—an essential element for bringing music to life.

With these two new technologies, along with minor enhancements to layout and componentry, the NAP 500 DR can deliver even more of the fundamental musical pace, rhythm, and timing that made the originals beloved by music enthusiasts.

Key features of the NAP 500 DR

  • 140W per channel output into 8 ohms; capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance
  • Bridged power amplifier configuration for maximised open and closed-loop speed, with ten stages of local regulation per channel
  • Two-box configuration with 500 PS power supply for optimum rejection of electromagnetic interference
  • 1,100VA toroidal transformer provides 12 raw DC supplies for the power amplifier 
  • 25kg brushed, black-anodised chassis with distinctive heatsink plus variable speed intelligent fan system for discreet extra cooling if required

Technology & Craft

The NAP 500 delivers a robust 140W per channel into 8 ohms and exhibits the remarkable capability of prolonged output into 2 ohms without any discernible impact on performance. Its classic two-box configuration, a hallmark of Naim Audio, involves the complete separation of the power supply to the dedicated 500 PS unit, ensuring ultimate performance.

Each channel of the NAP 500 incorporates ten stages of local regulation, contributing to pristine audio quality. To further mitigate interference from the mains supply, the transformer and initial power supply stages reside in a separate enclosure, known as the 500 PS, which supplies twelve raw D.C. sources for the power amplifier.

The bridged configuration of the NAP 500 maximizes open and closed-loop speed, reduces the need for intrusive protection circuitry, and minimizes interaction between input and output signals, as the high drive currents to the loudspeaker bypass the system earth.

Notably, the NAP 500 features the new NA009 output transistor, purposefully designed through extensive collaboration with a specialist supplier. The circuit topology has been optimized to maximize bandwidth and reduce distortion while minimizing power supply dependency. Additionally, special attention has been given to reducing thermally-induced noise, a critical consideration in power amplifiers.