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Naim CD5si £1,699.00

The CD5si CD player, especially when paired with the NAIT 5si integrated amplifier, raises the bar for musical performance at an entry-level. Despite the growing emphasis on audio streaming and downloads, Naim Audio hasn’t overlooked the humble CD. This format remains the world’s most popular and is the cornerstone of many music enthusiasts’ libraries.

The CD5si, replacing the previous CD5i model, offers significant performance enhancements while maintaining the functionality and straightforward usability of the classic player. Designed to be the best in its class, the CD5si incorporates genuine technological advances, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable musical experience. It’s a testament to Naim Audio’s commitment to quality and the enduring value of the compact disc format.

Key Features

  • Stiff, extruded aluminium casework provides excellent resistance to external vibration
  • High performance drawer and transport mechanism as with our premium CDX2 model, providing low resonance, low-inertia disc operation
  • Discrete digital and analogue power supplies for superior isolation of sound critical electronics

Technology & Craft

The CD5si, while sharing a similar name with its predecessor CD5i, embodies numerous fundamental improvements and advances. Each enhancement is designed to extract more music and enjoyment from every CD. The digital to analogue converter chip in the CD5si has been upgraded to a Burr Brown PCM1793, akin to the one used in the NDX high-end streaming player. Additionally, the CD5si benefits from a more stable DAC clock, higher voltage power supply rails, a revamped analogue filter design, and a brand-new CD transport and laser optics. These modifications stem from Naim Audio’s unwavering commitment to engineering reliability and sound quality, with each change validated through extensive listening hours.

Despite these innovations, the CD5si retains the hallmark features and Naim Audio trademarks that made its predecessor a success. It features the unique Naim Audio swing-out CD drawer, precise laser tracking, digital error correction software, discrete analogue output electronics, and a die-cast, non-magnetic enclosure. This construction ensures that the internal electronics can maximise the musical potential of every CD, blending the best of new advancements with proven, reliable features.