Weiss INT/203 Firewire

2 channel Firewire Interface


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Weiss INT203 £850.00


Play back audio files on your Firewire-equipped computer with the full quality of your DAC. The INT202 and INT203 both serve as bridges from your computer to your DAC.

In addition, the bidirectional INT203 can serve as an input to the computer, for example to connect an A/D converter and use it for digitizing vinyl records.

The INT203 is for bidirectional interfacing between AES/EBU and Firewire and also includes an infrared remote control for volume and absolute polarity.

The bit transparency of the player software on the computer can be checked. The INT203 can serve as an input to the computer, e.g. to connect an A/D Converter for transferring vinyl records or other analog media.

The sampling frequency is generated with an internal generator in the INT202/INT203. This ensures a low-jitter transfer between the computer and D/A converter. In addition, the INT203 can be switched to external synchronization via its XLR or RCA AES/EBU inputs. Both units work at all standard sampling frequencies between 44.1 and 192 kHz.

Both devices support bit transparency checking. In addition, there is a digital level control with a proper dithering algorithm applied.



2 Years