Siltech Royal Single Power

Speaker Cable

Extremely high and constant conductivity.

iltech’s S10 monocrystal silver gives the Royal Single Crown Power cable a Royal performance at an accessible level.

Its 6-core Hexagon topology, with more efficient and symmetric wire distribution, leads to less inductance, while the Kapton, Teflon, and wide-range shielding construction offer protection against any outside interference. This cable also has an improved super-ground connection and resonance damping.

As Siltech’s finest ever cable range, the Royal Crown series replaces our highly acclaimed Royal Signature series. A clean-sheet, no-compromise design, it covers every popular audiophile application, from analogue and digital interconnects, to power cords and loudspeaker cables.

Siltech’s flagship power cable range comprises three models – Royal Single Crown Power, Royal Double Crown Power, and Royal Triple Crown Power. As with the other cables in this series, they boast our cost-no-object S10 monocrystal silver conductors, for extremely high and constant conductivity – which in turn makes for superlative sound.

These are arranged using Siltech’s unique 6+1-core Hexagon topology. This more efficient, symmetrical configuration delivers the lowest possible capacitance and inductance. The special Kapton and Teflon insulation package has been specially designed to combat Radio Frequency Interference across a very wide bandwidth, as has the Wide Range Shielding. This construction also offers excellent rejection of mechanical vibration. The result is a range of statement power cables that outperform all others.

Moving up the range, Royal Double Crown Power and Royal Triple Crown Power offer proportionally thicker conductors and greater air gaps within the cable for even better power handling, lower loss, and superior sound. All three models feature Siltech’s Superground connection, and the flagship Triple Crown Power uses our special Multicell configuration for even better performance. Special RDC pure silver connectors are fitted.



5 Years