Siltech Royal Single Crown Network

Network RJ45 Digital Interconnect


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Siltech Royal Crown Network Digital Interconnect
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Royal Single Crown Network

Royal Single Crown Network gives the highest audio streaming quality, achieved by its 4 pure S10 monocrystal silver conductors, high-quality insulation to optimize impedance, wide-range shielding, and resonance damping. The cable is terminated with fully shielded high-end RJ-45 connectors.

100Mbps optimized for audio streaming

Many manufacturers of specialist network cabling focus on data rate and making their cables as ‘fast’ as possible – without appreciating that audio data does not need to be lightning fast. Much more important is the consistency of the transfer rate and the integrity of the data transferred.

For all digital cables, transmission accuracy depends on the cable topology, materials, and termination. Poor impedance matching or geometrical inconsistency causes reflections and echoes in the data stream, while crystal boundaries or grain in the conductors cause micro-distortions. Any imperfection impacts the accuracy of the critical clocking and amplitude information. It’s also easy to overlook that higher-frequency signals are more vulnerable to outside interference.

To achieve the best sound, the Siltech network cables utilize the 100BASE-TX specification – on purpose – which supports a maximum speed of 100Mbps. Because of this, it is important to set the ports of smart network switches to the correct speed or on auto. This feature is usually found in the port configuration menu of the network switch.

For cables with a greater length of 2.5m please use the appropriate quantity of +0.5 Additional Metres with a 2 Metre variant.

Technical Specifications

  • Metallurgy: Pure S10 Monocrystal Silver
  • Construction: Twisted Pair
  • Insulators: Teflon & Wide-Range Shielding
  • Cores: 4