Sennheiser HD 660S2

Open-Back Dynamic Headphone

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Sennheiser HD 660S2 £499.00 Original price was: £499.00.£399.00Current price is: £399.00.

Dive deeper into legendary sound

Enjoy music on a completely new level with the HD 660S2. An intimate, relaxed sound signature combines with outstanding precision and exceptional comfort — and now, extended sub bass — for a deeply moving experience.

Your new desert island headphone

Every high-end headphone has its own unique personality. What if there could only be one?

The non-fatiguing HD 660S2 gives music lovers an intimate way to connect more deeply with their favorite songs and artists. Breathtaking resolution and precision bring listeners closer than ever to instruments and vocalists. The sound of the HD 660S2 is natural and balanced, never harsh or brash. This warm, inviting signature, combined with extended sub bass, makes listening uniquely pleasant and rewarding. And with such good comfort, the HD 660S2 practically invites endless listening sessions. This is how the HD 660S2 combines the best of many worlds to offer an intimate experience that is indispensable.

Sub bass expands the entire sound

Double the sub bass heightens the listening experience with the HD 660S2

Traditionally, audiophiles don’t get too excited about sub bass, as it can easily become sloppy or boomy and a distraction. However, there’s much more to experience than just the gut punch of a kick drum. The low B of a 5-string bass vibrates at 30.9 Hz, and the lowest note on a concert piano comes in at 27.5 Hz. Extended sub bass also makes bass-heavy genres sound fantastic.

The magic of the HD 660S2 lies in doubling the sound pressure at the very lowest frequencies while retaining extraordinary precision and balance throughout the sub bass, mid-bass, and beyond. This extension on the low end changes everything — it creates more space for the sound. Against a deeper backdrop provided by the HD 660S2, highs feel more brilliant, the soundstage deeper, and emotions stronger.


  • Uniquely powerful vented magnet system for minimized distortion
  • Intimate sound with great timbre and deep, accurate sub bass
  • Outstanding quality designed in Germany, made in Ireland
  • Ultra-light aluminum voice coil with 300-ohm impedance for excellent impulse response
  • Plush ear cushions and open design for maximum comfort



5 Years