Ortofon MC Verismo

MC Cartridge with Nude Ortofon Repl. on diamond cantilever


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Ortofon MC Verismo £5,749.00

Exclusive Series


The MC Verismo is a class-leading, high-end moving coil (MC) cartridge, drawing inspiration and technologies from others in Ortofon’s flagship Exclusive Series. With its advanced diamond cantilever, Replicant 100 diamond stylus and titanium housing, amongst other advanced elements, the MC Verismo can deliver a truly outstanding sonic output. As an Exclusive Series cartridge, it is also hand-made by seasoned artisans in Ortofon’s Danish production facility.


In opera, verismo (Italian for ‘”realism”‘) was a post-Romantic tradition associated with a variety of reputed Italian composers. The MC Verismo aims to portray the same sense of “realism” associated with the genre, and does so thanks to Ortofon’s advanced knowledge of vibrations, and how to control them. Every aspect of the design is aimed to allow for accurate musical reproduction, without any unwanted facets.



1 Year