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Red Eight Art Gallery x Audio Lounge

Audio Lounge is London’s premier destination for audiophiles and other music enthusiasts seeking the best experience for their audio journey. Our portfolio includes the world’s most prestigious audio brands, and our expert team is dedicated to help guide you to the perfect audio system for your home.

Our passion extends beyond high fidelity sound and home audio, as we branch into other luxurious industries of Art Galleries, Couture, Automobiles, and more. We believe in high-end craftsmanship and innovative design.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Red Eight Art Gallery, located just off Cornwall street, in the Zone 1 district of London. The gallery features an array of the world’s most sought-after artworks.

Red Eight offers services, including:

– Devising collection strategies and narratives that reflect your needs
– Procuring privately sourced artworks through their expansive network of artists and collectors
– Facilitating private sales
– Ensuring thorough pre-sale analyses, vetting, and due-diligence for a comfortable experience

They also hold exclusive private viewings in-home, where selections are curated to complement your space. Just as we do in audio.

We invite you to explore the ever-changing exhibition displayed on our walls at Audio Lounge, creating a fusion between art and music.

Collectors, walk away with your forever sound system and painting.

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