Nagra Classic DAC II

Classic DAC of the Nagra Line


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Nagra Classic DAC II £16,500.00

The Nagra CLASSIC DAC II, features the same NADM (Nagra Audio Digital Module) digital engine employed in both our world-acclaimed HD DAC X and TUBE DAC, and accommodates all current high-resolution formats such as DSD 4x (256) and DXD. It will play high resolution with ease but particular development focus on red-book format, 44.1kHz 16 bit reveals striking resolution and musicality for this still vibrant format.

The Nagra CLASSIC DAC II output stage features a discreet topology in pure class A. Not to be overlooked, Nagra designers gave particular care to the selection of superior quality components, including individually measured and selected military-grade transistors.

In addition to the new digital engine, the Nagra CLASSIC DAC II features an improved, built-in power supply while also allowing the option to connect to our external reference power supply, the Nagra CLASSIC PSU, for ultimate performance.

The Nagra CLASSIC DAC II is the perfect digital front end to complement existing Nagra CLASSIC series systems while offering world-class performance for those who wish to experience Nagra’s hallmark natural, lifelike sound for the first time.

Technical specification


Output impedance:ZOUT < 430 Ω
Output level:1.5 VRMS
Analog output Noise level:-128 dBr @ 1 kHz 1.3 V (Linear)
Distortion:< 0.02 % @ -20 dBFS
THD + N:< 0.03 % @ 192 kHz
Frequency Response:5 Hz – 40 kHz +0 / -1 dB
Crosstalk:> 100 dB
Inter-channel phase:<0.1 ° @ 20 kHz


Digital inputs:1x Audio USB (UCA2), 1x AES/EBU, 2x S/PDIF, 2x NAGRA-LINK, 1x Optical.
Analog outputs:Unbalanced RCAs


The Nagra Classic DAC II features a new generation silent built-in power supply.

For maximum performance it can be powered by the Nagra MPS or the Nagra Classic PSU.

The latter will take the Classic DAC II to its utmost sound level.

Power supply1x 12 V / 0.8 A With MPS, Classic PSU
1x 12.6 V / 0.8 A With Classic PSU
or 100-240 V~ ±10% 50-60 Hz With Mains
Power consumption:Pmax 10 W Standby mode < 1W


Operating temperature:+15°C to +35°C or +59°F to +95°F in a moderate climate
Operating environment:Indoor only IP30
Dimensions L x W x H:380 x 280 x 76 mm or 15 x 11 x 3 in overall
Weight (net):5 kg / 11 lbs



2 Years