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Headphone and portable applications place unique demands on cable design and construction. Not only do they present mechanical challenges, both in terms of noise performance, mechanical stability, and longevity, but the rapidly advancing headphone performance has created one of the most sonically exacting markets. This field is one in which cable performance has become a critical limiting factor.

Crystal Cable accepted the challenge of combining the portable high-end and home high-end audio markets. Since that initiative, innovations in metallurgy, construction, and headphone cable design led to the creation of the latest portable high-end cables: The Crystal Cable Duet Series.

The Crystal Cable Duet Series sets new standards in the high-end portable market. The superb conductivity, shielding, and high-tech insulation materials used by Crystal Cable are ideal for the low-signal level, low-power applications typical in portable audio systems. The Crystal Cable Duet Series maximizes every last bit of signal, while dedicated designs ensure their inherent flexibility couples with skin-friendly outer sheathing, establishing new standards for unobtrusive comfort.


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