Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB

Dual moving coil stereo cartridge with bonded Elliptical stylus


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Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB £239.00


Meet the AT-OC9XEB by Audio Technica, the next evolution in their revered OC9 phono cartridge series. With over 30 years of legacy, the OC9 series has earned a reputation for its musical transparency, sound expression, and precise construction. The AT-OC9XEB serves as an excellent and cost-effective introduction to the world of moving coil cartridges.

Featuring a bonded Elliptical stylus and an aluminum cantilever, the AT-OC9XEB delivers enhanced audiophile performance. A neodymium magnet and pure iron yoke work together to provide increased magnetic energy. Crafted with precision, the aluminum body plays a critical role in minimising unwanted vibrations, reducing resonance, and achieving superior music reproduction. For the purest signal possible, Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting process (PCOCC) is employed for the coils.

The AT-OC9XEB’s Elliptical Bonded Stylus excels in following groove modulation, offering improved frequency and phase responses while minimising distortion. Installation is a breeze with threaded holes within the cartridge body, allowing for mounting on the headshell or integral tonearm using just two screws (M2.6), eliminating the need for nuts or bolts.

The AT-OC9XEB is proudly made in Japan, produced at the Audio Technica Fukui factory under strict quality control measures for precise manufacturing.