Weiss PSU101 Power Supply

Power Supply Unit

universal power supply unit

Your high-end devices deserve to be supplied with the cleanest, quietest, and most stable power possible. Built to the standard of all other Weiss devices, the PSU101 includes a discrete voltage regulator and an extremely low noise floor capable of driving heavy loads.

clean power

The PSU101 is a universal, non-switching, analog power supply. It is designed to provide clean and quiet power to the finest hi-fi devices.

It is very low noise, but still capable of driving complex loads.


A discrete, non-switching, linear voltage regulator of our own design is used. The voltage regulator circuitry works at a very high speed in order to quickly follow high-frequency load fluctuations.

The electrolytic capacitors are low ESR types. The toroidal mains transformer ensures low magnetic radiation and low noise operation.

Inputs and outputs

The unit has one IEC type power input with an input voltage selector (nominal 115V or 230V), a power on/off switch and a primary fuse.

There are two output sockets which are wired in parallel. The sockets are made by the Swiss company Fischer and are of a very high quality.

The output voltage can be set to 6V, 7.5V, 9V or 12V. The output current rating goes to 1A. The outputs are short circuit proof.



2 Years