WEISS MAN301 DAC-A GOLDEN £18,850.00

This special edition of the MAN 301 includes specially-selected DAC components and a gold-plated faceplate to celebrate Weiss’s 30th Anniversary. It includes a hand-selected version of the advanced DAC option for the MAN 301.

The MAN301 is an incredibly flexible media server and network player that maintains the very highest audio quality at every stage of operation. It brings together media server and optional network player functionality, supporting playback of user audio files as well as Internet streaming.

Playback of music files stored on a hard-disk or via streaming from the Internet has arrived at the audiophile’s home. The MAN301 network player is a powerhouse in terms of features, versatility and sonic quality. Using the professionally maintained Gracenote database for metadata and cover art fetching, the MAN301 has a big edge over competing devices.

The MAN301 is an extremely versatile Music Archive manager and Network Player with an Apple® iPad remote control unit and e.g. a NAS type external storage medium. It is a system for music archiving, music library maintenance, music playback, CD ripping and playback, Internet radio streaming and more.