Weiss INT204 USB

USB/DSD Interface


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Weiss INT204 £1,700.00

Your favourite DAC may not be the latest but you like its sound, appearance and features. So you don’t want to buy another expensive DAC just to connect a computer.


This is where Weiss’s interfaces come in. The INT204 allows any DAC to be connected to a USB ported computer. This is done, optimally, by slaving the computer’s clock to the INT204’s internally generated clock.


The INT204 is a USB to AES/EBU (unidirectional) interface which also handles DSD to PCM conversion. DSD files played to the INT204 result in conversion to PCM at a, selectable, sampling frequency and word-length. So your trusted D/A Converter becomes a DSD capable DAC.


USB to aes/ebu or S/PDIF interface, and dsd to pcm converter


Reach for the INT204 to play back audio from your computer, if your DAC lacks a USB input. It takes the USB audio input stream and outputs it as either AES/EBU or S/PDIF. Connect it to your DAC and enjoy the computer audio with pristine digital-to-analog conversion.


The INT204 also handles DSD to PCM conversion, at the sample rate and wordlength of your choice.




The INT204 allows you to play back audio from a USB-equipped computer through a non-USB-equipped DAC. It takes the incoming USB audio stream and outputs it in AES/EBU or S/PDIF formats.


You can now enjoy audio from your computer through your DAC, even if it does not have a USB input.


DSD TO PCM CONVERSION and volume control


You can also convert DSD audio from the computer to PCM audio for your DAC. The INT204 makes your trusted D/A converter DSD capable, with selectable sampling frequency and word length.


With the optional remote control, it is possible to control the audio volume in the digital domain. The remote control is purchased separately.


clocking and power


To ensure a high-quality transfer, the INT204 includes an internal clock generator for low-jitter performance.


It uses dual power sources — both USB bus power from the computer and its own included power supply. This means the input and output sections can be separately powered and thus galvanically isolated for low-noise performance.



2 Years