Siltech Symphony

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Siltech Symphony £365,000.00

Siltech’s engineers have been developing, tweaking, researching and, finally, building a new loudspeaker for years. The quest was to define a super loudspeaker’s essential DNA, Siltech’s ideal loudspeaker. And when a work in progress is as astonishing and promising as this, it would be a shame not to share it. Now, Siltech is ready to share the final stages with everyone…

With every product Siltech makes, one ultimate goal is set: to reproduce music as close to the original recording as possible. The name Symphony captures everything Siltech desires to achieve with its new loudspeaker. Employing an acoustically perfect cabinet with a 5-way 13-driver solution ensures a mind-blowing musicality, playing all instruments realistically from bass drum to triangle. It can go from ultra-dynamic, to total silence, to big crescendos… without compression effects, making every instrument sound independently free. Symphony’s design is made to be room adjustable so that the optimal sound is always achieved, wherever one sits (or stands).


Frequency response

17Hz-100kHz +/-3dB


5 Years

Min Amp Power

20W/ 8 ohm


< 0.3%



Net Weight

250kg net