Siltech Octopus Signature

Power Block

Siltech’s Royal Signature series power block has eight precision AC mains outlets, plus a high current input socket. Superb quality construction and advanced design help to minimise magnetic distortion, for optimum sound.

There’s a choice of Euro, UK and US mains sockets, and three different wiring options:

Eight Copper; pure OFSPC copper
Eight Silver-Gold; pure G7 silver-gold
Double Crown (Mono X-tal Silver); pure monocrystal silver
Available output options: AC-UK, AC-US and AC-EUR.
The Royal Signature range delivers top-tier performance thanks to its combination of Siltech’s special metals technology and highly sophisticated cable construction techniques. Both have taken decades to perfect, and are unrivalled in the industry.

Either our latest G7 silver-gold alloy or monocrystal silver conductors are used, depending on the application. This is combined with our advanced multi-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation materials and an external circumferential shield. Thick and stiff for additional mechanical isolation, the cable is less wieldy but more than makes up for this with a breathtaking musical performance.

Royal Signature cables approach the best sonic performance that Siltech is capable of, and stand out as some of the finest in the world – yet are nowhere near as expensive as our flagship Triple Crown series.



5 Years