Nagra 300p & 300i

Power / Integrated Amplifier, exclusively sold through Cadence Audio


Nagra 300p & 300i £23,500.00£25,500.00

Exclusive to Cadence Audio Group and Cadence Distribution – Swiss-firm Nagra brings back two of the most iconic amplifiers in the world!

Designed to showcase the beauty and dynamic potential around the stunning 300B triode in a fitting testament to mark Nagras’ 60 years of audio excellence. The clearest signal paths and no compromise circuit design make these two of the most astounding amplifiers ever heard in their class. By designing these innovative amplifiers, Nagras’ engineering team took on a very special challenge to build a compact and high-quality solution that can still deliver enough power to drive a wide range of speakers. Available in extremely limited numbers.

Engineering elegance

Nagra engineers take their tube amplifier aesthetics very seriously, resulting in some of the most beautiful electronics ever produced

Excellent handling of the entire frequency response

The reproductive neutrality was an objective of utmost importance. The 300B is renowned for its musicality, the delicacy of its medium and the three-dimensional presence it gives to its interpretations. The Nagra 300p and 300i not only pay homage to this legendary component but also push the limits currently achieved by this type of tube in terms of low and ultra-low frequencies.

Realistic power in the context of current loudspeakers

In power terms, Nagra has opted for a circuit design drawing a realistic power from the 300B to comfortably drive speakers with intermediate sensitivity; numerous in today’s market.

Silent and stable operation

Silent operation has been a focus, as this can be a challenge with directly heated triodes. By design, they tend to amplify noise in the power supply, particularly around the filament heater frequency. The powering circuits were therefore designed to supply extremely clean and perfectly stabilised voltages. Also, the selection and dimensions of the components, both active and passive, were made with due regard to the most stringent noise requirements.

Exemplary performance with all types of 300B

Nagra engineers pushed the circuits and component quality used to allow the 300p and 300i to give a non-fluctuating neutral performance, irrespective of the type of 300B used. The option to swap tubes from one manufacturer to another leaves the user with the freedom to test all the different models available.

Integration in the range

These amplifiers match Nagra’s high standards in terms of dimensions, finish, quality of execution and durability. The 300p and 300i fit harmoniously into the company’s current product range. Each is built by the same teams in the same laboratories as the professional recorders, with the same exemplary requirements.


Version: No selection

300i Integrated Amp, 300p Power Amp

Warranty: No selection

2 Years

Amplification class: No selection

Class A

Power: No selection

2 x 20 watts RMS stereo into 4, 8 and 16 Ω

Frequency response: No selection

14 Hz at 56 kHz, +0/-3 dB

Channel separation: No selection

> 70 dB

Signal to noise ratio: No selection

Typically, 105 dB (ASA-A weighted)

THD: No selection

0.8% @ 20 W

Input impedance: No selection

> 48 kΩ

Start up protection: No selection

«Soft start» circuit

Security circuit: No selection

Incorrect mains voltage (115V or 230V) Output transformer removed Error in tube anode current <15mA or 180mA

Power consumption: No selection

120 W continuous, <1 W stand-by

Mains power: No selection

100, 115, 230 V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

Inputs: No selection

Nagra 300i: Four sources, one on XLR and three on gold-plated Cinch connectors, Nagra 300p: XLR or Cinch connectors

Speaker connection: No selection

Screw-lock posts (cables up to 4.2 mm; banana connectors; 6,35 mm spades)

Finish: No selection


Dimensions (H x W x D): No selection

232 x 277 x 275 mm

Weight: No selection

14 kg, Nagra VFS plates 2.5 kg