Loricraft PRC4i

Professional Record Cleaner


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Loricraft PRC4i £4,399.00

Exceptional Build Quality – Advanced Performance

The new PRC4i is precision engineered for ultimate cleaning performance, quiet operation and efficiency

complemented by a handcrafted natural wood veneer cabinet

The PRC4i is equipped with a double-ended pump system which provides an impressive suction capacity of 28 litres per minute. With a pump mounted at either end of the vacuum motor it delivers a high vacuum performance whilst emitting a lovely balanced sound. The new double pump design ensures that even heavily contaminated or warped records will be thoroughly cleaned.

The main spindle and bearing are precision made and housed in a robust phosphor bronze case to make good use of the high torque motor. Bearing spindle and motor are designed for long life and importantly provide a considerable drive force to the platter to aid the cleaning process. The cleaning vacuum arm has precision horizontal and vertical yoke bearings for precise arm movement and is driven across the vinyl record by a custom made gearing system. The vacuum arm yoke bearings are the highest grade and designed to prevent ingress contamination from cleaning fluids. The platter can rotate in forward (clockwise) and reverse (anti-clockwise) directions for thorough cleaning of the record grooves, a unique feature as dirt can be driven into the record grooves by a playing stylus. Cleaning in both directions of the groove provides optimum cleaning performance.


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1 Year