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Also available in a passive version, the ATC SCM20A SL Tower Active Speaker features a full SL spec bass driver with a 75mm integral soft dome.

The SCM20SL Tower is ATC’s flagship 2-way floor-standing loudspeaker and is the ideal choice in modestly sized rooms, but where performance cannot be compromised. It is available in both passive and active bi-amplified versions, the SCM20PSLT and SCM20ASLT respectively. Its sealed cabinet design ensures excellent timing, useful low-frequency output below the cut-off and that the speakers can be placed relatively close to walls without excessive low-frequency ‘boom’.Both the mid-bass driver and tweeter are handmade by ATC.  

The bass driver is a 6”/150mm part with a huge 3”/75mm voice coil and massive, long-gap (short-coil) motor assembly featuring ATC’s proprietary ‘SL’ motor technology. The tweeter is a 1”/25mm soft-dome part featuring a dual suspension and a very high energy 2.1 Tesla motor. Together, they form the basis for an exceptional 2-way monitor loudspeaker capable of delivering outstanding resolution and musicality.

The active SCM20ASLT features an onboard ATC bi-amp pack featuring 2-way active crossovers and class A/B MOSFET power amps, delivering a total power output of 250W. The active crossovers’ superior accuracy and phase coherence, plus the removal of the lossy passive components between the power amp and drivers deliver a level of performance that simply can’t be matched by competing passive designs. The SCM20 cabinet is constructed to be heavy and inert, with bitumastic damping panels deployed at critical positions to minimise cabinet colouration. The cabinets are available in 10 different hand-selected veneers; satin black/white painted finishes and also piano/white high gloss polyester.

Technical Specifications

Drivers: LF ATC 6.5”/150mm Super Linear, HF ATC 1”/25mm Dual-Suspension ‘S-Spec’ Tweeter

Amplitude linearity : 80Hz – 20kHz (+/-2dB)

Cut-off frequencies : 55Hz – 25kHz (-6dB freestanding)

Dispersion : +/-80° coherent horizontal, +/-10° coherent vertical

Maximum continuous SPL: 108dB (per pair @ 1m)

Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical

Max SPL: 108dB

Crossover Frequency: 2.5kHz

Connectors: Female XLR

Active Crossover Filters: 2nd Order Linkwitz-Riley

Amplifier Power Output: 200w LF, 50w HF

Accessories Inc. (per pair): 2 x fabric wrapped grills, 8 x M8 x 1.25mm stand spikes and nuts.

Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 1023 x 239 x 365mm / 40.28 x 9.41 x 14.37″


Warranty: No selection

6 Years